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Term Life Insurance provides coverage at a fixed premium payment for a limited period of time or term. Unlike permanent life insurance plans, it doesn’t accumulate the cash value and thus comes up as an affordable option.

This can help you to protect your family, home, or savings, should you pass away. The named beneficiaries get paid when the insured dies during the term. Term could be 10 Years, 20 Years and 30 years.

Term life insurance is beneficial for all who care about their family and loved ones and want to provide them with some financial security even after their lives. You may also need this policy to:

  1. Cover some specific financial errands like college expenses or other mortgages.
  2. Get maximum coverage at reasonable price
  3. To supplement the permanent policy or work policy

With term life insurance plans:

  1. Your premiums are guaranteed to remain the same during the term period
  2. You have an option to convert your term policy to a permanent policy.
  3. With the help of add-ons or riders you can get it customized to your personal needs.


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