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If you want a financial solution that will protect you during your lifetime and provide for your loved ones and beneficiaries, you will have to consider Universal Life Insurance. These policies offers flexibility and lifetime protection to help meet your needs.

As your family relies on you, Universal life insurance can be a solution to keep them financially protected even after you pass away. The amount will be paid to the beneficiaries (whosoever you mention in the policy).

With universal life insurance plans, you can have a flexible way to protect your family from various financial difficulties and build the tax-deferred cash value.

Some of its major features include:

  1. Death Benefit- Beneficiary receives tax free proceeds
  2. Access to cash value: Cash Value can be accessed to help with the education expenses, retirement expenses and other personal expenses.

How these insurance plans work?

Choose a guaranteed death benefit amount that your beneficiaries will receive when you die. Your payments or premiums will be deposited to a “Policy Fund”.

Any extra money (more than the required) you deposit for insurance cost could be deposited to accounts to either grow-deferred or to increase the value of your death benefits.


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