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Travel Insurance

Whether you’re planning to travel out of Province, to the United States or Abroad for certain/extended period of time, you always require an affordable way that could protect you against the cost of unforeseen emergency, medical expenses and more that may happen during your trip.

We work with major travel insurance providers to offer excellent travel medical insurance coverage for:

  1. Business and leisure travelers
  2. Expatriates
  3. Work study programs
  4. Tourists and church or missionary travelers


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Immigrants & Visitors to Canada

Whether you’re just visiting, or planning on making Canada your new home, we can help you to secure insurance for your emergency medical needs while you are in the country. Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Plan is good for Super Visa applicants, frequent visitors to Canada and visitors planning extended stays. It provides 365 days of uninterrupted coverage for emergency medical expenses in Canada. You can also return to your country of origin as many times as you like, without the need to re-apply for coverage when you come back to Canada.

  1. You choose the deductible; $0, $100, $500 or $1,000
  2. You choose the amount of coverage; $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000 in total coverage


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Individual Health Insurance

Even if you have Provincial Health Insurance and Group Insurance from work, just make sure you're covered for everyday health needs, medical emergencies and rising drug and dental costs with supplemental health insurance.


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