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Segregated funds are investment products provided by life insurance companies. They are similar to the traditional mutual funds in which investors hold a large range of securities such as- Bonds, Stock, etc to grow the value of their entire pool but segregated funds (usually called Seg. Funds) differentiate with mutual funds in some ways including:

The primary differences include:

Guarantee- Principal guarantee on maturity and on death plus the ability to protect the funds from creditors going forward. You also get the guaranteed maturity protected against the market downturns.

Protection for potential creditor - Segregated funds is generally protected against the seizure by creditors. It’s a great investment option for professionals and business owners who want to be protected their investment against unexpected bankruptcy or lawsuit.

With segregated funds:

  1. You can allocate your insurance policy premiums to your segregated fund investment options selected by you and your advisor.
  2. Depending on the fund’s investment objectives, these segregated funds can be invested in stocks, bonds and other assets.


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