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We are dedicated to finding you the mortgage that is right for you. Knowing that individuals situation may vary, we take the time to understand and help you with mortgage products that meet your needs and goals. We do all the paper work for you and ensure that the mortgage chosen is right for you.

Because we deal with multiple lenders, we are able to present your application to the one that meet your needs and requirements which saves you time and money. You do not have to go from lender to lender telling them the same story and in each case pulling your credit again and again. We do all the work for you.

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Commercial mortgage is a loan secured against a commercial properties. Usually this type of mortgage is designed for business and investors to acquire, develop and refinance income producing commercial properties.

We arrange financing for all types of commercial properties and projects including:

  1. Office Buildings & Towers
  2. Industrial Warehouse/Office
  3. Retail Malls and Strip Centres
  4. Condo Construction & Multifamily Residential
  5. Independent & Assisted Living Senior Projects
  6. Hotels & Motels
  7. Land Acquisitions & Land Servicing

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We are uniquely positioned to work with borrowers considering the following:

  1. Purchasing
  2. New Home Construction
  3. Home Equity
  4. Refinancing
  5. Second Mortgages
  6. Debt Consolidation

Is any of the criteria below applicable to you?

  1. Employed
  2. Self-employed or commission–based employment
  3. Poor Credit
  4. New Immigrants


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We also encourage you to download an application form to apply, request for a call back or give us a call and one of our dedicated mortgage consultants will be happy to work with you. 


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