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Credit card is one of the basic means to help you establish credit and boost your credit rating. It is usually issued by a financial company granting the holder an option to borrow funds on an on going basis. It is usually recommended as a replacement for short term funding needs. You can pay for the merchandise or services each month within the set limit of amount. After you make your payment, the used amount is available for use again. Credit cards can offer so many benefits if you know how to use them.



People with poor credit may find it difficult to get credit cards or loans to help them with their short term financial needs. If your application for unsecured credit card has been denied, secured credit card may prove to be an ideal option for you.

Secured Credit cards can help you :

  1. Start a new credit if you have never had any credit card before.
  2. Rebuild your credit if you have a poor credit history.
  3. Rebuild your credit if you have been discharged from a bankruptcy

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If the traditional credit cards providers say No, for whatever reason, you can also have the opportunity to use a credit card for purchases by using a prepaid credit card. Prepaid cards will allow you to enjoy most benefits of credit cards offered by the traditional credit cards.

As well if you want to switch to a safe mode of managing your expenses, prepaid cards can be a viable solution to that.

Prepaid credit cards characteristic:

  1. No employment verification
  2. No bank record checks
  3. No credit history check

Purchases you can make

These cards provide the means of making transactions that you cannot make with cash such as-

  1. Hotel bookings
  2. Car rentals and more


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