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Whether you want to consolidate your debt or want to cover unexpected expenses such as the payment of a major purchase like funding home renovations, paying off higher interest rate debt or else, credit line can be a viable alternative source of funding. It could be an answer when savings have not been made towards these unexpected expenses. For the flexibility of its use, it makes a sense to apply for a Credit Line anytime. Once your line of credit has been set up,  you will be prepared for unexpected expenses.

What is a credit line or Line of credit?

It is effectively, a source of funding that can readily be used at your discretion for whatever needs that you may have. It can be accessed on an ongoing basis for up till the approved limit.

A credit line is a revolving credit facility. This means that once you have it, it can be used and paid back and re-use it at your convenient. You do not have to reapply to use it. A credit line can be secured or unsecured.

Flexible payment options are available on line of credit. you are only required to make the minimum payment to maintain your good standing and can pay all or some of the balance anytime without any penalty.


Personal Loan or Small Loan is basically an installment credit facility. It comes with a fixed payment. The payment frequency can be weekly, biweekly or monthly based on the loan contract. Depending on your needs, you can use this money for virtually any purpose.

What personal loans are all about?

Personal Loans or Small Loans make it easy for you to put your financial plan into action. Whether you want some extra money to consolidate high interest rate balances, fund a special purchase, or cover other major expenses, you have an option here.  Apply Now!


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